Foster Their Mission

Whisper Pet is a social enterprise on a mission to provide a sustainable revenue stream and fiscal freedom to pet non-profits. We’ve partnered and continue to partner with national and local pet charities, rescues and shelters to support their immense mission: improving and sustaining animal well-being.

For every 28oz purchase, Whisper Pet gives $2 back and for every 16oz purchase, Whisper Pet gives $1 back.

Whisper Pet’s pet advocacy program does more than foster these pet non-profits. We create a reliable and sustainable resource for them, empowering them to spend more time and resources making a difference for animals – whether it’s for medical research, behavioral training or even providing basic needs for animals such as food, shelter, water and hygiene.

Supporting a no-kill initiative, discovering a cure for canine cancer, connecting service animals to those with disabilities or providing resources to support local rescues and shelters all have one thing in common: the challenge to find ways to continuously fund these missions.

Whisper Pet’s advocacy program gives supporters another way to support their favorite charity through purchasing an odor elimination, prevention and cleaning spray, which they are already buying, in order to keep their home clean and free of odors.

The Founders of Whisper Pet stay true to their mission and do not take compensation.

Pet non-profits, Find out how you can become a part of Whisper Pet Care’s Pet Advocacy Initiative.

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We are Proud to Support our National and Local Partners