This is made specifically for the big kahuna of the petstink world: The Litter Box.

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Weight 28 oz
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Petstink happens. When it does, Whisper Pet Cat Litter Odor Preventer prevents bad smells without using heavy perfumes. By using ODOGard’s® technology to transform odor molecules, you can get rid of litter box odor without adding odor into the mix.


  • Pre-test Whisper Pet in an unnoticeable area.
  • Spray at the source of the odor, as well as each corner of the litter box and down the center. (Think of it this way, if there’s a teaspoon of petmess, use a teaspoon of Whisper Pet.)
  • For absorbent surfaces, you may need to reapply.


  • Whisper Pet works best on fresh petstink. Older messes (and bigger ones, too) may need to be sprayed more.
  • If you’re spraying on hard surfaces, allow time for Whisper Pet to dry. It gets slippery. (It is a liquid, after all.)
  • Weight: 28oz
  • Ingredients: Patented formula in water with tracer fragrance.
  • Product Safety: Nontoxic, biodegradable

Caution: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. As with all spray products, do not use around birds. Do not ingest and do not spray in faces. In case of contact, rinse with water. May temporarily cause floors to become slippery. Not to be combined with other household products.

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Weight 28 oz


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