Let’s Face It: Pet Odor Eliminators Stink

A new solution to true odor elimination

Let’s face it, pets smell. When our darling little Muggsy bats her cute little eyes, you can’t help but squish her face. Although, you quickly realize the eye-batting is a sneaky trick to distract you from the giant poo-poo or pee-pee left in the living room.

Some new pet-owners just can’t handle the odor, whether it’s new puppy potty training gone wrong on their favorite rug, or just the unpreparedness of unpleasant odor conjured up by the beady-eyed rescue they just recently adopted. In fact, 20% of animals that were originally adopted from an animal shelter are surrendered back to that shelter. Not all of these surrenders are odor-related, but quite a few are. This is the challenge shelters and rescues face as they try to find furever homes for their cats and dogs.

Current Odor Eliminators Stink

Current odor eliminators are either ineffective (mask odor or do not remove it completely) or are harmful to animals, whether it be from perfumes used in the odor elimination process, or harmful cleaning chemicals used to create the product. Because these cleaners are not true to their intention, they serve no benefit, and owners regretfully surrender their pet(s) to the shelter/rescue system and/or pets are exposed to chemicals that have the potential to adversely affect their health.

Pet Odor No Longer!

Whisper Pet has developed a new and ridiculously effective technology to combat any type of pet odor. It not only instantly eliminates odors, it permanently removes them from your home. Using a non-toxic, perfume-free spray, Whisper Pet is not just safe to use around your pets, children and family, but helps prevent pets from making accidents in the same spot again.

You can use Whisper Pet on any surface your brain can fathom (or wherever your furry little friend decides to make his next accident) – on the couch, on the carpet, on the bed, in the air, on hardwood…the list goes on.

Unlike enzyme-based and perfume-based cleaners, Whisper Pet will work on the toughest pet odors, completely eliminating them and leaving your home smelling fresh. Give it a try against your current odor eliminator and let us know what you think! You can purchase Whisper Pet Odor Eliminator and Whisper Pet Cat Litter Box Odor Preventer here: https://whisperfresh.com/pet/shop/