Fostering Pet Non-Profits’ Missions: A Solution to End Pet Non-Profits’ Fiscal Burden

Animals in Need

Animals create deep, loving emotional bonds with their pet parents, and often times these relationships are cut too short as our pets pass on to paradise 37 percent of dog-related deaths are caused by cancer, 27 percent from Bloating or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, and another 42 percent pass away from either old age or another disease. While this is a dog’s story, cat’s are equally as susceptible to these types of fatalities. These include but are not limited to cancer, kidney failure, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, arthritis, and unfortunately the list goes on and on. (

Pet non-profits, like the National Canine Cancer Foundation and Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary work to change those statistics and spread life into their communities through their passionate volunteer family. Along with significant support from their advocates, they provide a safe sanctuary for their animals, provide programs to educate pet owners about the full gamut of pet diseases, and oversee research to reduce disease-related deaths..

It Takes Funding and Resources

But research and care for diagnosed animals are costly and in an effort to support themselves, financially, passionate and dedicated non-profit pet advocates pull themselves away from their main mission: paving the path for a better, healthier life for their pets. This ingrained system has created an endless loop: non-profits continue to ask for funds throughout the year and must spend precious time developing fundraising campaigns as means to support their causes.

Non-profits and pet parents are not only challenged financially, when a pet is inflicted with one of these diseases, they typically will do whatever they feel is necessary to relieve themselves, and oftentimes, this manifests itself in foul smells. Many pet parents are torn by their love for their pet and the inability to find an effective cleaning and odor solution that is safe for their home and families. Current odor eliminators mask odor or do not remove it completely, are harmful for animals, whether it be from perfumes used in the odor elimination process, or harmful cleaning chemicals used to create the product. Because these cleaners are not true to their intention, owners unknowingly expose their pets to chemicals that have the potential to adversely affect their health.

A Program to Create Sustainable Funding

Whisper Pet, a social enterprise, has developed a new perfume-free odor elimination and cleaning spray that instantly, completely and permanently removes odors, and is safe for families and their pets. Whisper Pet is on a mission to refresh the world for pets and pet parents, not just by eliminating unpleasant smells, but also by creating continuous and sustainable fundraising opportunities for pet charities, shelters, and rescues so they can focus on what they do best: creating a safe, happy, and healthy world for animals. For every purchase of Whisper Pet a portion of revenue goes to the charity of the customer’s choice – providing pet non-profits a source of revenue they can use to continue fostering their mission. In addition, the Founders of Whisper Pet have chosen not to take a salary from the social enterprise, aligning with the brand’s core mission.

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