Yes, in three independent tests, Whisper Pet has been shown to kill bacteria such as Pseudomonas, E. Coli, MRSA, Staph Epi, VRE and Strep A.
Yes, Whisper Pet’s non-toxic formula is completely safe to use around your family and pets. Whisper Pet is not only non-toxic, it is also non irritating to your skin or eyes.
Whisper is a Molecular Modifier. Unlike most odor eliminators that mask odors with perfumes or use slow-acting enzymes, Whisper Pet bonds with odor molecules and instantly transforms them into odorless molecules.
You can purchase Whisper Pet through our website, on Amazon, or in one of the retail locations listed below: Earthwise – Harper’s Point and Liberty Township; Ace Hardware – Lebanon, Hamilton, Mariemont, West Chester; Pet Wants – Findlay Market, Vine St; Strasse Dog; Argos Pet Supplies; Petey’s Pet Shop; Mutts & Co.
Whisper Pet does not contain perfumes. Whisper Pet does contain an extremely light tracer fragrance which lets you know where you are spraying Whisper Pet. This tracer will dissipate after a few moments, leaving you with a fresh, clean, odorless area.
Yes, you can use Whisper Pet on your dog, cat, or any small animal (reptile, rabbit, guinea pig, hedgehog, hamster, pig, etc.). We recommend spraying Whisper Pet into a cloth and gently wiping down your pet.
Yes, Whisper Pet is safe to use and effective on any surface. You can use it on countertops, furniture, rugs, carpet, leather, hardwood, tile, cloth, etc. to get rid of pet odor.
No, Whisper Pet does not contain bleach or any other type of neurotoxin.
Pet feces, pet urine, wet dog smell, tobacco smoke, vomit, anal sac secretions, pet body odors, general malodors, litter box odor and more.
Yes, Whisper Pet does remove skunk smell. We recommend taking a bottle of Whisper Pet and pouring it on your pet’s coat. Make sure to massage Whisper Pet thoroughly into your pet’s coat, then wipe away.
Yes! Remember to clean out your litter box first, then spray Whisper Pet 6-8 times on the bottom and sides of the litter box. Apply your new, fresh cat litter and spray Whisper Pet Cat Litter Box Odor Preventer over the entire surface. This will prevent and eliminate new odors. Apply daily or as needed with regular litter box maintenance.
It’s all three! Whisper Pet’s primary use is odor elimination, but it also works equally as well as a cleaning product and an air freshener.
Whisper Pet is made in the state of Kentucky. Locally-based and produced in Northern Kentucky.
No, Whisper Pet immediately, completely and permanently removes the odor. Cats and dogs (and other small animals) will pee to mark areas in the house. They will typically go back to those areas and will use it as their bathroom. Whisper Pet completely and permanently removes the mark thereby preventing your pet from using the spot over and over again. (Most pet odor eliminators cannot claim this.)
Yes! Cats have an acute sense of smell. Smells associated with soiled litter boxes can be offensive to cats, deterring them from using their litter box and leading them to use other places in the house. Whisper Pet Cat Litter Box Odor Preventer completely and permanently stops litter box odors. Cat excrements will bond with Whisper Pet, thereby completely and permanently changing their molecular structure so the smells no longer exist.
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