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Brand managers have to think outside of the box
Surprisingly, some of my best ideas for Whisper®Pet come to me when sitting inside a box, my favorite place. Gofigure.


Brand Manager

I direct all the creative aspects of Whisper®Pet.
But I don’t use all my creativity for work, though. I’m quick to steal a sandwich off the table. People call me loyal and friendly, though at times… not too friendly. Grrrrrr.


Creative Director

Like any good Social Media Manager, I like to make friends
My nose is always to the ground for fun new things to share. When not at my desk, I take my things to the nearest sunshine patch. I’m bouncy, and my tail is always wagging.


Social Media Manager

About Whisper Pet

Whisper® Pet instantly cleans away pet odors for good without using other perfumes.


Why Whisper® Pet?

We developed Whisper Pet to get rid of odors, not add to them. Most odor elimination products use perfumes and fragrances to cover up those not-so-delightful pet odors.

Perfumed products do not work for the large number of people in the U.S. who have scent sensitivity. Some have adverse physical reactions to fragrances, while some have simple aversions to perfumes. If you’re one of the millions who fall into this category, Whisper Pet was developed for you!

Of course, there are other people who like scents. We can’t forget about you guys! We know you’ll spend time picking out your favorite scents for candles or plug-in air fresheners. By eliminating pet odors without adding additional perfumes, Whisper Pet lets you continue to enjoy the scent of your favorite candle or plug-in if that’s your thing. (In short, there’s no scent battles going on; you’ll only smell the one you want. Which is the candle/plug-in/not petstink… right?)

Whether you have scent sensitivity or you want to smell your favorite scents from candles or plug-ins, you still love your pets and they’re still part of your family… as smelly as they can get. Whisper helps you eliminate their bad odors without adding odors, and without compromising on your comfort, too.

We developed Whisper Pet to eliminate odors, not add to them.
Whisper spray attaches to the smell molecule, changing them for good.

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How Does Whisper® Work?

Bad odors are typically composed of two major molecular offenders: sulfur and nitrogen.
Whisper Pet uses ODOGard’s® patented odor eliminating technology to target those two types of odor molecules. Some technologies will wrap molecules in a fragrance, trapping the stink in a perfume cocoon that eventually wears away. Others use copious amounts of scents to hide the bad smells under them, and those eventually fade, too.

Our technology bonds to odor molecules and instantly eliminates their smell for good without adding smell.
Instead of masking or covering odors with perfumes, like enzyme products do, Whisper Pet formula binds to pet odor’s existing sulfur and nitrogen molecules. By bonding it all together, Whisper immediately and permanently neutralizes the petstink faster than enzyme formulas and without the perfumes. Viola! No more foul odor.


What Should You Expect To Smell?

Whisper® Pet Cat Litter and Odor Eliminator Sprays are designed to eliminate pet odors without adding perfumes. When you first spray Whisper, you’ll smell a light clean summer pool water scent, but then you’ll immediately smell nothing. The active ingredients in Whisper will immediately dissipate leaving you with the fresh smell of nothing at all. This is how Whisper Refreshes Your World™. It’s like hitting a smell restart button by wiping away all the bad smell and leaving you with a clean slate.

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