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Whisper® Pet immediately, completely and permanently removes and prevents all pet odors without irritating perfumes.


Why Whisper® Pet?

Whisper Pet immediately, completely and permanently removes and prevents pet odors without using irritating perfumes. Whisper Pet uses ODOGard’s globally patented technology to transform odor molecules into non-odor molecules without needing perfumes to mask the pet odors. Whisper Pet is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing to skin or eyes therefore making it safe for pets and family. As with all sprays, please do not use any spray products around birds. Whisper Pet can be used to spray the air and the source of the odor. It can also be used in your pet’s bath and mixed with your laundry detergent. For older smells in the carpet or floor, let Whisper Pet penetrate the wood or carpet padding down to the sub-floor where the smell may be originating. After you spray, there will be a soft scent. It will remind you of swimming pool water. Please note there is no Chlorine or bleach in our product hence the reason it is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. This dissipates quickly so that there’s no more odor.

Every Purchase Gives Back to Pet Rescues, Shelters and Charities.

Whisper Pet is a social enterprise created to help pet charities, shelters and rescues develop a sustaining revenue source to minimize the need to externally fundraise and therefore increase their focus on helping companion pets. Every purchase of Whisper Pet generates a giveback to a designated Pet Charity. Approximately 6.5 million pets enter shelters each year. Please support us in helping pet charities, shelters and rescues.

Exclusive Globally Patented ODOGard® Technology.

Whisper Pet has the exclusive rights to a brilliant odor molecule transforming ingredient called ODOGard; a globally patented formula that immediately, completely and permanently transforms odor molecules into non-odor molecules. Whisper Pet is completely sourced and made in the U.S.A.

Perfume Free and Completely Safe.

Whisper Pet eliminates odors and therefore has no need to include harmful, irritating odor masking perfumes. Whisper Pet is non-toxic. It is also non–irritating and non-sensitizing to skin and eyes. Whisper Pet is safe to use around your pets and family.

The Complete Odor Eliminator.

Whisper Pet is safe and effective on all surfaces and works against many pet odors (old or new). Whisper Pet removes urine, feces, vomit, anal sac secretions, skunk spray, wet dog smell and many other natural pet odors. It can be used on any surface or area, including, but not limited to your bed, pet bed, kennel, reptile tank, guinea pig or rabbit cage, carpet, kitchen floor, hardwood floor, sofa, chairs, blankets, car and carrier. It can be used in the air. It can be sprayed on a cloth to wipe your dog down to eliminate surface smells. It can be poured into your pet’s bath along with your tear free shampoo. It can also be added to your laundry to remove pet odors from clothing or blankets. It replaces and is more effective than any other pet odor eliminating product.

Prevents Cat Litter Box Odors.

Whisper Pet is safe and effective in the cat litter box. Simply mix Whisper Pet Cat Litter Box Odor Preventer with your normal Cat Litter. When your cat uses the litter box, our product will bond with the cat’s urine eliminating the smell before it happens. Scoop out clumps and solid waste as you normally do. After scooping, spray Whisper Pet Cat Litter Box Odor Preventer Spray a few times to refresh the litter box. Because there are no perfumes, scent sensitive cats will not be deterred from using the litter box. Whisper Pet can make even inexpensive cat litter work better to prevent horrible litter box smells.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If Whisper Pet does not work the way we say it does, we will refund it in full.

We developed Whisper Pet to eliminate odors, not add to them.
Whisper spray attaches to the smell molecule, changing them for good.

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How Does Whisper® Pet Work?

Bad odors are typically composed of two major molecular offenders: sulfur and nitrogen.
Whisper Pet’s globally patented ODOGard technology targets both sulfur and nitrogen. Whisper Pet instantly bonds to the odor molecules upon contact and transforms them into non-odor molecules. In essence, it immediately, completely and permanently changes the odor molecule into a non-smelling molecule. Whisper Pet is non-toxic and therefore is safe to use around pets and family. It is also non-irritating and non-sensitizing to skin and eyes.

Whisper Pet is a unique product classification called a Molecular Modifier. It permanently changes the molecular structure of the odor molecule. There are several other product classifications with the top four being: Enzymatics, Encapsulators, Oxidizers, and Masking Agents.

  • Enzymatics – Enzymes are used to speed up the break down of odor molecules into smaller, non-offensive molecules.  This is a very common form of odor control technology. Enzyme products are relatively inexpensive and can be effective however, enzymes can take days to work and may require multiple applications. Also, enzyme formulas can be irritating to your eyes and skin, so it is not safe in the air or as a bath or laundry additive. Enzyme products typically contain perfumes to mask the odors to allow time for the enzymes to possibly work.
  • Encapsulators – Encapsulation basically means the odor molecule will be surrounded by the more pleasant smelling molecules of the air or fabric freshener. These products are very effective on air borne smells as well as light fabric smells, however they do not work on most heavy pet odors. They also rely on perfumes and can be eye and skin irritating.
  • Oxidizers – These types of products use different types of peroxide to speed up the oxidation process and therefore the breakdown of odor molecules. Oxidizers are faster than enzymes, however they still need time (hours rather than days) to be effective. Oxidizers can also be irritating to your eyes and skin.
  • Masking Agents – These are traditionally air fresheners that simply add perfume to the air or fabric. They try and cover up the odor rather than eliminating it.

Whisper Pet’s ODOGard Molecular Modifier technology is safe (non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing). It works immediately, completely and permanently without using perfumes. It can work on all surfaces, all types of organic pet odors and has so many uses. It can be used as an air freshener, fabric freshener, cat litter odor preventer, bath additive for really stinky pets, as a dog wipe for quick freshening, and as a laundry additive to name a few. It is the Swiss Army Knife of pet odor elimination and prevention.


What Should You Expect To Smell?

Whisper Pet Cat Litter and Odor Eliminator Sprays are designed to remove pet odors without adding perfumes. When you first spray Whisper Pet, you’ll smell a light clean summer pool water scent, not the bad odor left behind by our fur babies. The scent from the active ingredients in Whisper Pet will immediately dissipate, leaving you with the fresh smell of…well…nothing at all; which is exactly the smell you want to have. The bad odor will be completely gone. This is how Whisper Pet Refreshes Your World™. It’s like hitting a smell restart button by wiping away all the bad smell and leaving you with a clean slate.

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