• Attract New Customers

  • Support Pet Charities

  • Offer a Superior, Differentiated, Premium Product

  • Command a High Dollar Markup

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Whisper Pet works with our retail partners to attract new customers and support pet charities with a superior differentiated premium product commanding a high dollar markup.

How Can We Build Your Business

Customers are searching for a perfume-free and effective odor eliminator. Whisper Pet Odor Eliminator instantly, completely and permanently eliminates any type of pet odor imaginable. Whisper Pet significantly outperformed the leading enzyme odor elimination spray on the market, making it the most effective odor eliminator for pet odors of any kind.
You want to carry the best products for your customers. Whisper Pet is a superior non toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing to eyes or skin premium priced product. It gets rid of odors in seconds not hours or days. It does not require reapplication. It also supports the community. As a result, you can command a high dollar markup with every purchase.
We’ve partnered with over 20 local and national pet rescues, shelters and charities. These pet passionistas are in need of a superior product and are happy to shop at locations that give back to their favorite organization, bringing your store more frequent traffic from individuals who support these organizations.
Community is everything and by offering Whisper Pet, you can continue building on your strong connection to other local pet organizations who are searching for quality pet products that benefit the sustainability and care of animal well-being.
By strengthening your community connection to local pet organizations, supporters from these organizations will make it a point to visit your store and allowing you to foster new shoppers by introducing them to your unique and personal shopping experience.
Millennials want to support a cause. By supporting local pet non-profits, you’ll attract millennials to your store who want to help pets in need.

How is Whisper Pet Different

We seek to create a sustainable revenue stream and fiscal freedom for pet non-profits. Whisper Pet donates with every purchase.
Whisper Pet has the exclusive rights to a brilliant odor molecule transforming ingredient called ODOGard®; a globally patented formula immediately, completely and permanently transforming odor molecules into non-odor molecules. Whisper Pet is completely sourced and made in the U.S.A.
Whisper Pet eliminates odors and therefore has no need to include harmful, irritating odor masking perfumes. Whisper Pet is non-toxic. It is also non–irritating and non-sensitizing to skin and eyes. Whisper Pet is safe to use around your pets and family.
Whisper Pet is safe and effective on all surfaces, against many pet odors(old or new) and across different usage occasions. Whisper Pet eliminates urine, feces, vomit, anal sac secretions, skunk spray, wet dog smell, and many other natural pet odors. It can be used on any surface or area, including, but not limited to your bed, pet bed, kennel, carpet, kitchen floor, hardwood floor, sofa, chairs, blankets, car, and carrier. It can be used in the air. It can be sprayed on a cloth to wipe your dog down to eliminate surface smells. It can be poured into your pet’s bath along with your tear free shampoo. It can also be added to your laundry to remove pet odors from clothing or blankets. It replaces and is more effective than other pet odor eliminating products.
Whisper Pet is safe and effective in the cat litter box. Simply mix Whisper Pet Cat Litter Odor Preventer with your normal Cat Litter.

When your cat uses the litter box, our product will bond with the cat’s urine eliminating the smell before it happens. Scoop out clumps and solid waste as you normally do. After scooping, spray Whisper Pet Cat Litter Preventer Spray a few times to refresh the litter box. Because there are no perfumes, scent sensitive cats will not be deterred from using the litter box. Whisper Pet can make even inexpensive cat litter work better to prevent horrible litter box smells.

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